With our team of experts we have the necessary knowledge and experience gathered to make sure that our clients get the best from us. If you are interested in developing your business with us, click here!


Digital Solutions

The youngest branch of our activities. We realized that there is a severe need in Life Science for specialized digital strategy building and execution. Therefore recently we have been focusing more and more of our resources to develop capacities in this area, with some successes already showing us the path to follow. Click here to learn more!

Regional Representation

Thanks to the network group structure we already have firm access to a variety of geographic areas – both inside and outside Europe. Currently our group is active in Central-Eastern-Europe, Russia and CIS as well as Turkey and the Middle-East region. For more information, click here!



We partner with startup companies in Therapeutic Areas where we see a strong fit. We help these companies to drive their innovation and bring to market. We have now 3 companies under cooperation. We are flexible in offering different models of cooperation – from a fee-for-services model to equity sharing or a mixture thereof. Learn more about BioPartnering here!

digital solutions