About Us

ADEXILIS Group of companies is on its way to build an integrated Life Science Company. Years ago we started out with consulting and business development services. Since then we have grown into a company with its headquarter in Switzerland and affiliates in Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey. We continue to expand our geographic presence to become a true regional company representing our clients.

Most important for the future development of the company is the focus on the right partners and people. Over the years we learned that while products, processes and financial are truly important, the people shall always be in the center of all decisions on the future of the group.

ADEXILIS is owned by few people but stand for a network of strong partnerships with the right people in each geographic and product area. We always look for new partnerships in new geographies and therapeutic areas but we emphasize that matching the right people match is the top priority for us.

As ADEXILIS we operate with a clear geographic and therapeutic focus. We want to differentiate us to our principals, supplier and clients as top class experts on the markets and products we serve. 

What makes us special today? We are becoming a vertical integrated life science company that leads in therapeutic areas that we are present in. While we apply international standards in the way we conduct business we have deep local knowledge. We serve all segments from Nutrition to Orphan drugs and seek innovative platforms in the digital space.

Today, we have no formal mission, vision or values. However, we have a lot of colleagues who work hard, moving their own parts of ADEXILIS forward, trying to build a larger company and bring the pieces together to be one organization.

Customer centricity and usage of digital solutions is core to our execution strategy.