ADEXILIS Group of companies is on its way to a regional, integrated Life Science Company. Staring out from Consulting we are today a Swiss Group with commercial representation in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, and Switzerland. While we expand further geographically, we also build our future through deeper engagement in the value chain. We are active in Biopartenring and Venture Capital to drive our future.

Regional Representation

We represent a variety of companies in our markets in several therapeutic areas. Today, ADEXILIS has its own presence in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Switzerland. We plan to expand in 2019 to Croatia and Poland.


We take pride in creating mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with our partners. Thanks to the experts working at our companies we have managed to build a formidable amount of such relationships in our areas of activity.


We work with partners in a variety of geographical locations and have established a network focusing on therapeutic leaders in those locations. We focus on therapy areas and build expertise and networks of specific therapeutic areas.

Digital Solutions

The youngest branch of our activities. We realized that there is a severe need in Life Science for specialized digital strategy building and execution.


We are always looking for highly-motivated people to join our team. Check out our career page for available positions and more information!