People first – At ADEXILIS we put people first in our strategy. We strongly believe that people make the difference in our culture and in the success of what we do. We continuously seek new colleagues that have the attitude to shape the future for our customers, ADEXILIS, our Team and themselves. We strive for long term teams, enabling our colleagues to grow with the company and be the engine of our growth.

Innovation – We always seek to innovate. We market innovative products in its technology, its approach or target. We seek to innovate how we bring products to market. Leaving behind, but not neglecting, traditional ways of commercialization. We do not take anything for granted and always look for new ways. Our teams are encouraged to innovate and drive innovation.

Customer-centric – We put the customer first, taking into account the complexity of today’s world. We seek to understand our customer’s customer needs and provide innovative solutions to enhance our customer’s lives, businesses and gain their trust as a preferred partner.

Think Global Act Local – While building a regional vertically integrated company we truly value the right mix between global strategy and local thinking. We provide a state of the art global approach to the partnership with central functions in many areas. At the same time, we usually partner in each of the markets with local partners, in the form of Joint Ventures. This allows ADEXILIS to ensure the best teams in the markets, motivate, engaged local true equal partners.

Work hard and stay humble – We take pride in what we achieve but we also understand that being competitive requires to be “willing to go the extra mile”. We celebrate successes but also understand that we need to keep moving and never become complacent. We value our competitors and benchmark ourselves continuously to improve and we know that there is always room to improve – being humble.