We partner with startup companies in Therapeutic Areas where we see a strong fit. We help these companies to drive their innovation and bring to market. We have now 3 companies under cooperation. We are flexible in offering different models of cooperation – from a fee-for-services model to equity sharing or a mixture thereof.

We have a separate website for Adexilis Consulting. You can see more information on our business on the link below.

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With our strong relationship with potential investors we can help you identifying smart money for your success. Our closest ally is RBVCapital, our Chairman Robert Karl, Partner in RBVCapital.


We partner for combined success and also consider investing ourselves through financing and resources. We are hands on, flexible and experienced, scroll down to learn more


Our newest platform, bringing innovation to and from Russia/CIS. We have already started working with a variety of companies and always seek interested partners to source innovation from Russia/CIS or bring their innovation to Russia/CIS. Contact us if you want to learn more.



We partner with early stage developments and start-up companies and early stage developments


We already work with a number of companies in Central Eastern Europe and we build an innovation bridge between Russia/CIS and Europe


We work as a trusted partner in a variety of areas of the company in shaping them towards a successful future


Our team comprises of long years operational managers in various segments of the industry

Hands On

We take a proactive approach and work with and in the companies, managing a variety of areas


We are flexible in offering different models of cooperation – from a fee-for-services model to equity sharing or a mixture thereof

Partnering to move from Invention to Innovation

We analyse the needs, define roles and responsibilities and engage in the company to shape towards success – HANDS ON in the company.


Provide executive assessments

Provide executive assessments

Support strategy development

Corporate Development

Define needs and potential

Design strategic roadmap

Manage ongoing activities

Financial Management

Define needs

Establish financial strategy

Manage contacts and network

Ongoing support

Operations Management

Define operational needs

Support operations in core functions

Strategic advice

What do we bring to the table?


  • Therapeutic expertise
  • Back office support
  • Commercial structure and network


  • Venture Capital organization
  • Strategic review, assessments and analytics
  • Venture Capital strong network


  • Senior executive network in M&A, Commercial of most global pharmaceutical companies
  • High level experts in most therapeutic areas
  • Global Network ability