We represent a variety of companies in our markets in several therapeutic areas. Today, ADEXILIS has its own presence in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Switzerland. We will expand further in  Central European and Eastern Europe markets to be able to provide the best regional representation to our partners. Next to our own affiliates, we work through partners in a variety of markets ensuring we can cover a cluster of markets.

We operate in a variety of therapeutic areas in Primary Care and Specialty products. In Primary Care, we focus on a truly customer-centric approach. We build portfolios and platforms to fulfill customer needs across Rx, Medical Device, Nutrition an others. We utilize digital marketing and innovative Marketing Mix to become the partner of choice of our customer segments. We clear strive to lead in the segments we operate in and continuously strive to be the partner of choice for our clients and partners.



ADEXILIS focuses midterm on Central Eastern Europe, Turkey and Russia/CIS. Later we will expand to the Middle-East as well as Europe.

ADEXILIS is a Swiss-based company with a strong back office based in Budapest, Hungary. With our own offices in the indicated markets, we can offer a lean and efficient cooperation to our partners, covering a variety of markets for them. ADEXILIS, your partner to grow your product/s across a region consisting of smaller markets!

We enter markets with ADEXILIS affiliates when we have the right mix between global approach coupled with local excellence. We usually partner with first-tier professionals in the countries to build top-class ADEXILIS affiliates and are always open to expand our presence with the right entrepreneurs.

Where we do not have a presence today, due to market size or other considerations in our focus Geography, we work with Partners, ensuring best representation for our principals.

Therapeutic Areas

Primary Care

In Primary Care we focus on building customer-centric portfolios, targeting a partner of choice position with our customer segment. We work cross product categories with RX, Medical Device, OTC and Nutrition products. Our core focus area in Primary Care is Women`s Health. Our team has long term experience many areas of Primary care and we would be happy to help you explore your product with you for our markets

Specialty Pharma

In Specialty Care we focus on innovative niche therapies. We carry expertise in Pharmaceuticals as well as Medical device or Drug/Device combinations like in Radiology or ECP (Extracorporal Photopheresis). Today we operate in a variety of areas in specialty pharmaceuticals: Oncology (ECP), Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Urology, Orthopedics, Radiology, Nucleear Medicine


We can provide a partnership with one central coordination point, covering a region for you, contractually, in sales and marketing coordination and logistics. We are a full-service provider from Market Access/Reimbursement to Registration and further to Commercialization.

Our capabilities make us different:

  • Customer Centric Approach through integrated stakeholder management, applying innovative technologies in customer interaction and our own organization, forming a company that will succeed in the digital age.
  • We put our people first, in our organizations and in our way of partnering in markets. We believe in Mindset and winning attitude and the power of integrated thinking
  • We seek continuous excellence in Key account management. Strive to understand our customers’ needs, adding value to their business and responsibility


Today we represent a mix of Global Players, mid-size companies, but also small enterprises. Our team understands the needs of a global organization due to its background and experience. We are also there for the smaller innovators, working with them to bring their innovation successfully to market.

Global players like Mallinckrodt, Therakos, Exeltis or MSD or innovators like Oconmed, AM Gastro and others.